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Key English German (de)
app_name OneToucher
turn_on Turn On
screen_timeout Screen Timeout
screen_timeout_value_seconds %d seconds
screen_timeout_value_minute %d minute
screen_timeout_value_minutes %d minutes
screen_timeout_value_never Never timeout
wifi Wifi
gps GPS
wireless 2G/3G
auto_sync Auto Sync
bluetooth Bluetooth
flashlighit Flashlighit
airplane Airplane
mobile_data Mobile Data
ring_mode Ringer
brightness Brightness
volume_descr Tap to control volume
volume_ringer Ringer Volume
volume_notification Notification Volume
volume_media Media Volume
volume_alarm Alarm Volume
volume_voice_call Voice Call Volume
volume_system System Volume
volume_bind Use Ringer Volume For Notifications
wifi_hotspot Wifi Hotspot
hidden_settings Hidden Settings
visible_settings Visible Settings
auto_rotate Auto Rotate
master_volume Master Volume
volume Volume Control
restore_default Default
ringer_silent Silent
ringer_sound Sound only
ringer_vibro Vibration only
ringer_vibrosound Sound & Vibration
on On
off Off
turned_off Turned off
turned_on Turned on
disabled Disabled
enabled Enabled
quick_settings Quick Settings
auto_brightness Auto Brightness
master_volume_desc R: %1$d, N: %2$d, M: %3$d, A: %4$d
status_unknown Status Unknown
customize Customize
customize_settings Customize Settings
turn_on_quick_desktop Turn on quick desktop
turn_off_quick_desktop Turn off quick desktop
loading loading...
checking_for_update Checking for update...
check_for_updates_fails Failed to update, make sure the network is workingcorrectly
your_current_version_is_the_newest Your current version is the newest
downloading_the_upgrade_package Downloading upgrade package, please wait...
cancel Cancel
connection_timed_out Connection timed out
version_update Version Update
current_version Current Version:
latest_version Latest Version:
sizestr Size:
later Later
update_version Update Version
check_update Check Update
update Update
about About
all_rights All Rights Reserved
copy_right Copyright © 2013
share Share
feedback Feedback
feedbacking feedbacking...
email_format_is_not_correct E-mail format is not correct
please_enter_the_feedback_content Please enter the feedback content
email Email:
qq QQ:
msg_feedback Feedback has been successfully submitted, we willpromptly process your feedback.
failure_feedback_msg Failure to submit, please check whether it isnetwork problem
ok OK
version Version
weibo Cool App #OneToucher# @onexuan
settings Settings
in_such_cases In such cases, please upgrade to the latest version from the official website
common Common
notification Notification
show_the_power_of_information_in_the_status_bar Shows the power of info in the status bar
floating_window The Floatation Window
the_desktop_displays_a_floating_window The desktop displays a floating window
floating_window_animation The Floatation Window Animation
slide_left Slide(Left)
slide_right Slide(Right)
slide_top Slide(Top)
fade_center Fade
none None
the_desktop_floating_window_animation The desktop floatation window animation
scale Scale
always_top Always top
floating_on_the_desktop Floating on the desktop
your_phone_does_not_support_this_setting Your phone does not support this setting
unable_to_open_sharing Unable to open sharing
wifi_error WiFi Error
wifi_error_info If your WiFi shows error, please turn off your powersave mode of your Anroid system, such as the powersave mode of Samsung
unable_to_open_the_mobile_data_interface Unable to open the mobile data interface, It is not available
unable_to_open_the_interface Unable to open the interface, It is not available
switch_bluetooth_error Switch Bluetooth error, turn on/off it through the system.
wifi_switch_permission No permission to switch WiFI, turn on/off it through the system settings
bluetooth_switch_permission No permission to switch Bluetooth, turn on/off it through the system settings
switch_wifi_error Switch WiFI error, turn on/off it through the system.
thirdparty_applications Third-Party Apps
system_application System Apps
widget Widget
can_not_run_this_app Cannot run this app
tap_to_configure Tap to configure
side_bar_configure Side Bar Configure
close Close
position Position
set_on_boot Set On Boot
the_windows_settings The Windows Settings
the_floatting_window The Floating Window
the_side_window The Side Window
list_mode List Mode
the_floating_window_settings The Floating Window Settings
tap_to_quick_settings Tap to quick settings
insert Insert
delete Delete
edit Edit
play Play
stop Stop
next Next
previous Previous
recent_apps Recent Apps
official_website Official Website
vibrate Vibrate
ringtone Ringtone
google_play Google Play
home Home
color Color
press_color_to_apply Press on Color to apply
the_side_bar_settings The Side Bar Settings
window Window
upgrade_and_discussion Upgrade and Discussion
touch_tips Touch Tips
xda_forum XDA Forum
start Start
end End
side_bar_background Side Bar Background
sensitivity_level Sensitivity Level
sensitivity_line Sensitivity Line
bar_side Bar Side
side_bar_width Width
icon_size Icon Size
special_thanks Special thanks for Mavryck, Paolo (SirKam1), Kopie(Haldi4803),Tecardo, Thomas(derkleinebroicher), Clem484, Mr.Akita to translate
learn Learn
learn_info Learn how to set the side area
assistive_touch The Assistive Touch
detail Detail
lock_screen Lock Screen
lock_screen_info OneToucher requests the permission of the lock screen
no_lock No Lock
the_system_can_uninstall_this_app The Android system can uninstall this application after unlocked screen.
succeed Succeed
sort Sort
multitasking Multitasking
animation Animation
card Card
side_bar_animation Side Bar Animation
shake Shake
zoom Zoom
wave Wave
slide Slide
disable Disable
app App
the_side_touch The Side Touch
dial Dial
theme Theme
keep_in_memory Keep in memory
no_permissions No Permissions
device Device
favorites Favorites
assistive_touch_settings The Assistive Touch Settings
lockscreen_info The Android system can\'t uninstall this app after locked screen, if you want to uninstall this app, go into Setting -> No Lock.
miui_setting If you are using MIUI, You must turn on the floating window setting.
margins Icon Margins
apps_filter Apps Filter
battery_voltage_units mV
battery_temperature_units \u00B0 C
battery Battery
volume_iphone Volume
sound Sound
defaultstr Default
style Style
white White
green Green
orange Orange
blue Blue
hello_kitty Hello Kitty
circlegreen Circle Green
network_speed Network Speed
save Save
discard Discard
loading_the_picture Loading the picture...
only_support_image_format Only support image format
phone Phone
show Show
hide Hide
do_it_for_you It\'s a fast, brilliant and fun way to interact with you.
shortcut Shortcut
shortcut_already_exists Shortcut already exists
updated_successfully Updated Successfully
insert_successfully Insert Successfully
updated_failed Updated Failed
insert_failed Insert Failed
select_custom_app_title Select favorites apps or shortcut
other Other
the_bottom_bar The Bottom Bar
the_bottom_bar_settings The Bottom Bar Settings
the_sidebar_is_not_displayed_on_these_applications The sidebar is not displayed on these applications
the_floating_window_infomation The Floating Window Infomation
battery_level Battery Level
internet_speed Internet Speed
ram_memory Ram Memory
the_amount_of_free_ram The Amount OF Free Ram
cpu_utilization CPU Utilization
cpu_load CPU Load
sunday Sunday
monday Monday
tuesday Tuesday
wednesday Wednesday
thursday Thursday
friday Friday
saturday Saturday
the_bubble_toucher The Bubble Toucher
the_bubble_toucher_settings The Bubble Toucher Settings
toucher_props Toucher Prop
unable_to_control_the_music Unable to control the music
pause Pause
volume_down Volume Down
volume_up Volume Up
music Music
onetoucher_video OneToucher Video
can_not_play_this_video Can not play this video
swipe_toucher Swipe Toucher
swipe_edge Swipe Edge
swipe_edge_left Left
swipe_edge_right Right
swipe_edge_bottom Bottom
swipe_edge_size Edge Size
swipe_sensitivity Swipe Sensitivity
swipe_general_settings General Settings
rate Rate
clean_setting Clean Setting
back Back
menu Menu
blur Blur
background Background
transparent Transparent
do_you_want_to_buy_this_prop Do you want to buy this prop?
the_mini_toucher The Mini Toucher
network_error Can not connect to the network, if you are using WiFi, please select your WiFi in WiFi settings, longpress and select "Modify Network", check "Show Advanced Options" to change the "static" IP, and then change DNS1 to Google DNS (, browsing the web faster.
payment_failure Payment Failure
payment_succes Payment Success
canceled_payment Cancelled Payment
you_have_paid You have paid.
backup Backup
backup_your_path Please back up your key directory.
restore Restore
buy_one_and_get_one_free Buy one and get one free
activity Activity
saved_successfully Saved Successfully
failure Failure
upgrade_toucher_props_for_more_features Upgrade toucher props for more features
file File
root_tool Root Tools
root_fails Need Root Access!
more More
rotate Rotate
screenshot Screenshot
i_am_here I am here!
special_price Special Price
download_pro Download Pro
weibo_link Weibo:
qq_group QQ Group:
twitter Twitter:
feedback_me Feedback:
city City
weather Weather
daily Daily
city_is_invalid City is invalid
notifier Notifier
immersive_mode Immersive Mode
unable_to_connect_to_the_network Unable to connect to the network
excellent Excellent
good Good
light_pollution Light Pollution
moderate_pollution Moderate Pollution
severe_pollution Severe Pollution
serious_pollution Serious Pollution
air_quality Air Quality
clean_master Clean Master
memory_is_currently_in_a_great_state Memory is currently in a Good State.
free_memory %s is freed
desktop_shortcut Desktop Shortcut
the_floating_menu The Floating Menu
the_floating_menu_settings The Floating Menu Settings
flow Flow
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